Summer 2020

What can be said about the 2020 holiday season?  Who could have ever predicted, when booking a looked-forward to summer holiday in France, that the world would be plunged into the misery that is Covid-19.

Two families timed their fortnight holidays to perfection, the first departing England the day after travel restrictions were lifted, and the second family arriving home before the 14 days quarantine was imposed.  Understandably, all other bookings were cancelled and, ignoring our own Terms & Conditions, we gave full refunds to those guests, as a gesture of goodwill.

For the 2021 season, guests can book Cap del Bosc with confidence as we have adopted our own Coronavirus full refund policy.  In these unprecedented times we feel it is only fair, in circumstances where it is neither the guests’ nor gite owners’ wish to cancel a booking, but where the decision is forced upon us by Government restrictions, be that in France or the guests’ country of residence.

And isn’t it typical, that 2020 was a particularly hot summer in our little patch of South West France … and one of the banana plants bore an enormous flower and tiny little bananas …


The company used to clean and prepare Cap del Bosc for guests is following the recommended cleaning regime Good Practices Guide for Seasonal Rentals, as recommended by ADN Tourism, which complements the documents drawn up and made available by the French Government.  All Cap del Bosc laundry is professionally cleaned between lets and the laundry company has advised that additional protocols are being followed at this time (Toute la blanchisserie sont lavées avec l’adjonction d’un produit antibactérien, fongicide, sporocide et virucide notamment EN 14476).

If you would like to read the Good Practices Guide, or find out about the additional measures being put in place for this year’s guests staying at Cap del Bosc, please do not hesitate to contact us.

33 degrees outside …

It might have been 33 degrees outside, but I couldn’t bear to see all the plums at Cap del Bosc going to waste!  So, for a little bit of effort, a few jars of Mirabelle jam …  now to tackle the damsons and quince …

Relax and unwind ….

Favourite place on a hot day to relax and unwind, to read a book, or simply to snooze ….

Sleepy fawn

Awoke early, to find a fawn curled up under a tree, not 20 yards from the terrace –

It saw me, but didn’t seem too bothered as I tried (unsuccessfully) to get a photo from inside the house.  It slowly got up, stretched, and wondered off into the woods …… so cute!


Picking, washing and drying is quite time consuming –

when I’m washing them I wish I hadn’t picked so many – but when they’re dried and ready to eat, I wish I’d picked more!

Late September

The end of another summer, Cap del Bosc clothed in the turning colours of Virginia Creeper – the weather has been sunny with bright blue skies, making a late September visit very enjoyable ………..

Flaming June

This is more like it – welcome June! (Nice green grass though!)

Paella anyone?

2018 – The inclement weather in May (lots of rain) caused the branches of the climbing rose to hang down, heavy with wet blooms – so no guilt felt in cutting great bunches and bringing them inside ….

The pots of geraniums seemed to have relished the additional rainfall and are positively blooming ….

and a late supper of paella under cover of the terrace was preferred to a BBQ ….


Seasons in the sun ….

Blue Sky Thinking






Easter 2017 – not a cloud in the sky

November 2017 – first frost