33 degrees outside …

It might have been 33 degrees outside, but I couldn’t bear to see all the plums at Cap del Bosc going to waste!  So, for a little bit of effort, a few jars of Mirabelle jam …  now to tackle the damsons and quince …

Relax and unwind ….

Favourite place on a hot day to relax and unwind, to read a book, or simply to snooze ….

Sleepy fawn

Awoke early, to find a fawn curled up under a tree, not 20 yards from the terrace –

It saw me, but didn’t seem too bothered as I tried (unsuccessfully) to get a photo from inside the house.  It slowly got up, stretched, and wondered off into the woods …… so cute!


Picking, washing and drying is quite time consuming –

when I’m washing them I wish I hadn’t picked so many – but when they’re dried and ready to eat, I wish I’d picked more!

Late September

The end of another summer, Cap del Bosc clothed in the turning colours of Virginia Creeper – the weather has been sunny with bright blue skies, making a late September visit very enjoyable ………..

Flaming June

This is more like it – welcome June! (Nice green grass though!)

Paella anyone?

2018 – The inclement weather in May (lots of rain) caused the branches of the climbing rose to hang down, heavy with wet blooms – so no guilt felt in cutting great bunches and bringing them inside ….

The pots of geraniums seemed to have relished the additional rainfall and are positively blooming ….

and a late supper of paella under cover of the terrace was preferred to a BBQ ….


Seasons in the sun ….

Blue Sky Thinking






Easter 2017 – not a cloud in the sky

November 2017 – first frost

Can it really be March?

Sitting on the terrace, lunch time – glass of chilled wine, delicious bread and cheeses, blue skies and sun – can it really be March?


Oh ‘deer’ missed it ….!